Luxury Homes at Lake Norman – Choose a Previews Specialist


Expectations met.

For one-hundred years, Coldwell Banker real estate companies have grown and prospered by continually exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Today, that tradition of unprecedented client service continues with Coldwell Banker Previews International, our exclusive program dedicated to luxury home marketing. By working with a Previews Property Specialist, you gain access to an unsurpassed combination of experience, knowledge and resources that consistently deliver the exceptional results you desire.
And because properties of distinction command a higher level of customer service, the Previews program goes farther to ensure a satisfying experience.  Whether it’s our leading-edge technologies that make it easier to locate and connect with interested buyers, the power of the industry’s largest global referral network working on your behalf, or the exceptional skill and professionalism of our Previews property specialists, we prove every day that we are skillfully accomplished at marketing the world’s finest homes. 

With Coldwell Banker Previews International, you’ve found more than a sophisticated marketing program designed to cultivate interest in your exceptional property. You’ve found a vast network of full-service professionals, each with the resources and the experience to achieve superior results. As a Previews client, you should expect nothing less than

our very best.


A Century of Innovation

Coldwell Banker’s proud real estate heritage traces back a full century, to a noteworthy event in American history – San Francisco’s great earthquake and fire of 1906. From the ashes of this catastrophe and the accompanying exploitation of the city’s displaced residents, Colbert Coldwell found the inspiration and the opportunity to make a difference. His new real estate company quickly flourished with one guiding principle…place the needs of the client above all else.

Soon, he was joined by Benjamin Arthur Banker, a dynamic real estate man who shared Coldwell’s grand vision. Together, the pair quickly established a name that, to this day, remains synonymous with trust – Coldwell Banker. It may be one-hundred years since their association formed the beginnings of one of the world’s largest, most successful real estate companies, but Coldwell Banker is still leading and innovating through three distinct masteries; progressive local and national marketing, stellar customer service, and unmatched resources.



Global Reach. Unequaled Resources.

Now, when you list your home or property with Coldwell Banker, you gain access to an international referral network that includes 126,000 sales associates in 3,965 offices worldwide. You benefit from the local knowledge and marketing skill of our sales associates, not to mention the ongoing relationships they maintain with their former clients, an immense and far-reaching base of potential homebuyers.  And, you receive the backing of a company who won’t be caught shortsighted as demonstrated by our early embrace of the Internet. Since its debut in 1997, our award-winning Web site, has been recognized as one of the industry’s best.

Whether consumers require innovative online features like Coldwell Banker Mapping Feature or Personal Assistant, no one does more to bring the world of real estate into the homes of buyers and sellers around the globe. Consider it another great start as we embark on our next century of innovation.


The Rise of Previews

Coldwell Banker’s rise to prominence is only part of the story behind our remarkable success. Another groundbreaking advancement in residential real estate – the emergence of the Previews marketing program – helps complete the picture of our enduring leadership in luxury home sales.  Founded in 1933 and only available through Coldwell Banker brokers and sales associates since 1980, Previews now stands apart as the Coldwell Banker service developed exclusively for the luxury home market.


Talbot’s Exceptional Vision

Credit for the Previews concept dates back to its founder Henderson Talbot, a young entrepreneur who recognized in the aftermath of the great depression, that many million-dollar mansions would go begging on the market. Being a fan of motion pictures, it occurred to Talbot that by capturing the beauty and style of these mansions on film he could increase their exposure and rate of sale by appealing to elite buyers. This affluent audience who thought of their time as money, would appreciate the opportunity Talbot’s movie making afforded them – the chance to “preview” potential homes from across continents and even oceans.

After naming his marketing endeavor Previews, Talbot forged ahead in his typically innovative fashion. Soon, he had established Previews as the first real estate company to specialize exclusively in marketing fine properties, not just nationally, but internationally. Talbot was also the first to implement the idea of a national and international multiple listing, using a collection of publications to highlight these distinctive properties. And today, the “firsts” keep on coming as Previews uses revolutionary new marketing techniques to consistently find an elite home buying audience for properties of exceptional character and quality. 

Finding a Global Audience

One of the distinct advantages of marketing through Coldwell Banker Previews International is the Program’s unprecedented international referral system. This network is comprised of the most respected, well-connected luxury property specialists in the world, and is backed by the state-of-the-art-tools and support you’d expect from Coldwell Banker.


A Track Record of Distinction

Another point of difference is the exceptional caliber of our Previews International property specialists. To qualify for the program, every Previews agent must first demonstrate a track record of success in the sale of exclusive properties. Using a combination of unequaled resources, specialized training, and their own personal mastery of luxury home marketing techniques, your Previews property specialist brings to life our “one-of-a kind client, one-of-a-kind-home” philosophy.

Consistent with Henderson Talbot’s grand vision and Coldwell

Banker’s reputation for excellence, the Previews program is celebrated for attracting prestigious listings and distinguished buyers worldwide, which helps explain why Previews handles an average of nearly $153-million dollars in luxury home transactions every day.


Marketing with Previews

Finding suitable buyers for uncommon properties is a complex process that we understand better than any other real estate company. To help you succeed, the Previews program pays meticulous attention to even the finest marketing details. Every facet of your property is considered in creating a customized marketing plan that tells the unique story of your luxury home.


Showcasing Your Home

Your Previews property specialist will conduct preliminary planning sessions to help identify probable buyers and determine strategies for attracting their interest. By the time your customized Previews marketing plan is complete, it may involve local, national, and international advertising, proprietary publications, publicity, and even direct mail. Often, customized sales materials are created for your home to reflect its individual character.

Publications like Unique Homes, the most renowned magazine for luxury real estate worldwide, contain a dedicated Previews section where Previews properties are showcased in every issue. Then there’s our own highly regarded publication, Previews Portfolio of Exceptional Homes. As the name implies, it’s dedicated exclusively to Previews properties, helping you broaden your home’s exposure to potential buyers in the luxury marketplace. And, when your home is advertised here, a property description with multiple photos is also uploaded to the Unique Homes web site, where luxury home buyers can view it in even greater detail.


Other print advertising channels may include the Wall Street Journal and the Wall Street Journal Global Edition, which is distributed in North America, Asia and Europe.

Technology that Helps Locate Buyers

Your Previews property specialist also understands how to use Coldwell Banker technology to provide your home with broader exposure and make the selling process more convenient.  Its power to attract an affluent home buying audience helped win the Gold Level Award in the League of American Communications Professionals 2005 Spotlight Awards, and helped earn it “Best Real Estate Website” by the Web Marketing Association. The site can also be reached from the homepage of with its more than 10-million visitors a year, and through integrated searches on and For greater exposure in your immediate area, your Previews property listing can be accessed at your local Coldwell Banker company Web site as well.

Recognized as Exceptional

To help make sure your home’s marketing materials stand out and gain instant recognition, the Coldwell Banker brand and are supported by a strong national television presence. The Previews program is supported by a targeted campaign to affluent buyers through a mix of high-end sponsorships, upscale publications and web sites. As a result, the Previews identity has never been stronger at communicating your home’s exceptional nature.


Previews: The Distinguished Choice

When you need a full service professional with the experience, reach and resources to attract the interest of affluent buyers, look no further than Coldwell Banker Previews International. Like the homes we represent, we are without equal.

 There are few agents in the area that have the ability, training, marketing savvy and experience to give Luxury Homes on Lake Norman the attention to detail needed to get to the closing table.  Call on me when you find that your needs are not being met and I will share all of the outstanding points of our Previews Luxury Marketing System.  No other company in this area has a company that can compare with this upscale home program.


About Michelle Nantz

There are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent real estate professional: integrity, in-depth community and market knowledge, marketing savvy, effective negotiation skills, and a high-quality professional network ~ all of which are hallmarks of Michelle Nantz. In 2003, Michelle began her career in real estate, after a successful career in restaurant and hotel management with her last position as Regional Director of Operations running 56 hotels throughout two states. She owes her success in real estate and management to her expertise in people skills, managing, negotiating, and follow-up. However, it is Michelle’s dedication to quality service that she ultimately credits her success. Michelle shared, “In my experience as a Lake Norman real estate professional, I’ve found that providing the very best service is essentially about putting my clients first. This means keeping myself accessible, being a good listener as well as a good communicator, and responding quickly to their needs.” This “client first” philosophy combined with continual personal improvement and keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies is a cornerstone of both Michelle’s and Lake Norman Realty’s business philosophy. In addition to Michelle’s extensive real estate education and her experience in the local market, she is also an Accredited Staging Professional®, which brings additional value to marketing her clients’ homes. Michelle and her family have made the Lake Norman area their home for over 10 years. In her rare leisure moments, you’ll find Michelle with her three children and husband, or unwinding with gardening or reading. “I live and work in this community and only have the best interests of our community and its members in mind,” says Michelle. Her community activities include participation in Denver Days, Relay for Life and support for Christian Ministries and area schools.
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