Marketing Your Home

Let’s Start at the Beginning…

Before the listing price is set we will complete a comprehensive market analysis. We will review homes currently on the market (your competition), pending and sold homes to assure the price of your home is set to sell.
Through a thorough property inspection we will honestly advise you on where your time and money are best spent to make your home show beautifully for buyers.
Attractive incentives, lower listing prices, and accentuating the positives will help compensate for items you can not change, such as an imperfect location.
We pride ourselves on utilizing our experience, energy and enthusiasm to get our homes sold. We have provided a page of customer testimonials for your review under the “About Michelle” tab.
We consistently update our clients on showings, feedback, market trends, and new competition in order to make quick decisions to keep your property attractive to buyers.
We work tirelessly to stay abreast the newest innovations and pride ourselves on serving our clients.

We have set up the following interactive magazines to help guide you the majority of our services.  There are other parts of our services, we would tell you about, so please don’t hesitate to call.

Please be sure to click on the black circles as you move through the magazines to learn more about the specific topic.

Marketing for Your Home

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